Sedam IT has been awarded seven scholarships for the academic year 2016/2017 for the first time since the foundation of Sedam IT STIPEndija. This is a financial support for regular students of the first or other years of graduate studies and outstanding undergraduate students with a high average rating and interest in IT industry work.

Seven scholarships awarded by Sedam IT for the academic year 2016/2017

Sedam IT STIPEndija has been awarded since 2008 as a memoir to co-owner of Stjepan Daidzic, tragically deceased in 2007. So far, the company has awarded twelve scholarships to students, with the exception of financial support, providing the ability to work directly and gain experience in a dynamic IT environment, and what kind of company does it provide. Opportunities for working in the real sector on existing projects from the business portfolio of the company, insights into leading world and domestic technology, learning within the business environment, choice of topics for graduate and graduate theses, mentoring, and for students, very challenging, employment opportunities after graduation, there are some of the specifics and advantages of this scholarship.

"Our scholarship is unique in the market. Apart from providing financial support to outstanding students, we also provide the opportunity to work in our company, which all thirteen years of existence strongly commemorates the ICT environment in Croatia with a clear exit strategy for the world market. It is precisely the work of scholarships that the defined purpose of this project to enable the acquisition of knowledge and experience in the real sector through work with our top experts, provide complementarity with university education and excellent preparation for the entry of ICT experts into the labor market ", emphasized Irena Kevo, Member of the Board Sedam IT d.o.o.