There is an everyday increase in business speed of a business environment and organizations are focusing on sharing information to employees via tools such as: e-mail, document sharing, SharePoint, etc.

Information Classification, Management and Security

Information is created quickly and shared in a chaotic and unpredictable pattern, which is why it's important to classify it at the source, that is, for the classification of information to include its end users. Metadata assigned during classification can be used for integration with other solutions. This way, it is possible to manage information during its entire lifecycle.

Solutions for classification, management and information security comprise:

  • adding classification metadata to documents and e-mail via intuitive user interface
  • consistent and timely management of e-mail classification
  • marking documents and e-mail with visual classification markings to increase end user awareness about working with information
  • warning end users about potential information 'leaks'
  • assigning access rights to end users based on information classification
  • coordinating organizations with certain regulatory demands regarding marking and protecting information, such as other regulatory norms (CUI, ITAR, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001 etc.)
  • integration with information system search solutions
  • integration with encryption solutions
  • integration with data leak prevention solutions
  • integration with digital rights management solutions
  • integration with Microsoft RMS systems for ease of use
  • integration with data archiving solutions