The supervision of contemporary web application performances and their complex and multilayered structure in heterogeneous and distributed environments creates a special challenge.

ICT Optimization

24/7/365 Application Performance Management

Today, application performances depend upon many subsystems. Every faulty configuration or a problem with any of the subsystems can have a significant effect on the performance, be it on an overall application level or on a specific function level.

The CA Application Performance Manager is a powerful tool for tracking web application performance. By tracking user end-to-end transactions, a clear image of the "culprit" is gained when dealing with a decrease in application performance or a complete shutdown of its function. The tool's influence on the application's performance environment is minimal. By implementing the tool, a company can raise the success of its business transactions to a maximum level and thus increase company profit.

Application performance management includes:

  • 0-24, end-to-end supervision of business systems
  • supervision and management of web application performances
  • logging experiences of web application end users
  • integration with service-desk systems
  • in-depth and real-time analysis of performance of application's methods
  • tracking the status of all systems involved with a transaction (database, mainframe, web services, web servers...)