Today's data centers have to be secure, available and fast.

Data Center Security

Web Application Security

The amount of time and resources invested in network security at lower iso/osi levels is increasing all the time but the need for application security is also on the rise. Internet pages are different, complex and in demand of frequent changes while traditional firewalls do not offer protection on the application level. Sedam IT offers an integrated solution for web application and service security with performance enhancement and application availability that includes:

  • protection from various application and network attacks such as XSS (Cross-Site Scripting), CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery), SQL Injection, Cookie/session poisoning, parameter tampering, Authentication Bypass, DoS (Denial Of Service)...
  • protection from all the risks stated by the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) as the ten most frequent application security threats
  • implementation of rules of protection from an entire range of HTTP HTTPS threats

Key System Protection

To ensure the security of physical and virtual data centers, IT professionals usually rely on security via traditional technologies, such as antivirus and whitelisting. These technologies are not sufficient protection for servers due to their special needs for a high level of confidentiality and availability. Security checks must be adapted to each type of server. The following solutions are offered:

  • organizing supervision and protection of physical and virtual data centers via controls based on appropriate configuration policies
  • combining Host Intrusion Detection System with Host Intrusion Prevention System with the capability to control access via 'least privilege'
  • limiting user and application access rights
  • supervision and tracking of user and application work