'Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.'


Sedam IT STIPEndija Scholarship

The Sedam IT STIPEndija Scholarship was founded in 2008 in memory of Stjepan Daidžić, our dear colleague, friend and co-owner of Sedam IT, who died tragically on September 29th, 2007, in Zagreb. Stjepan's kindness, knowledge, charisma, exuberance, playfulness, persistence and vision left a lasting mark on all those he had worked and lived with.

The Sedam IT STIPEndija Scholarship stems from our desire to continuously contribute to the development of Croatia by investing in future ICT experts. It is our belief we have a duty and an obligation to provide college students with the opportunity to maximize their personal success and development.

Scholarship recepients:

NAME               SURNAME

Janja             Ravnjak

Luka              Stipanović

Davor            Petraković

Janja             Ravnjak

Igor               Bespaljko

Magdalena Jurić

Mijo             Tvrdojević

Anita           Ćaćić

Tea              Čarić

Branimir    Pervan – joined us as a team member

Roko Srđan Buča

Damjan       Rendulić